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What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that websites store on your computer. We use cookies which are designed to improve your experience of our website and to help us evaluate the performance of our site in order to provide you with a better user experience.

What Do Cookies Do?

When a user comes back to a website that they've been to before and uses cookies, the data stored in the cookies can be retrieved by the website. Only the website that creates the cookie can read information back from it.

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Are Cookies Safe?

Yes, cookies are just small text files. They can't read any personal information or other material on your hard drive. Cookies can't carry viruses or install anything harmful on your computer.

How Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies for:

  • Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to collect data on the usage of our website (e.g. how many people visited certain pages, how long they stayed on our website, etc.). For more info on these cookies visit the Google Analytics Privacy Statement.
  • Remarketing: By using a cookie to signify (anonymously) that you've visited our site, we can work with remarketing ad networks to display ads to invite you back to the site.
  • User Sessions: We create a temporary 'session' for every visit to our site. We store a cookie containing the details of this session so we can link multiple page views into a single visit.