FLG features in action

Intelligently route leads and keep track of progress

Call leads in seconds

Maximise conversions by instantly routing leads to the appropriate agent or team. Distribute leads based on postcode, introducer or product interest.

Capture leads from any source

FLG can capture leads from web forms, lead providers, email, SMS, our hosted introducer portals and any other service through our API.

De-duplication and re-routing

FLG's routing logic detects duplicates and can re-route leads to the agent who handled the lead last time. Duplicate leads can be linked together.

Push, pull or blended distribution

Choose to 'push' leads to your agents or have them 'pull' leads when they're ready. Or combine the two into a 'blended' workflow.

Profit from excess leads

FLG can route leads that are outside your criteria to outside partners; transferring information, tracking progress and billing on your terms.

See which sources are performing

By drilling down into FLG's rich set of reports, you'll see at a glance which lead sources are converting well for you, and know exactly where to adjust spend.

Powerful segmentation

Segment your data to any degree of granularity. For example, instantly locate all leads last year who took a policy in the BB postcode through an introducer.

Integrated email, SMS and document generation

Fully integrated email, SMS & document generation

Allow agents to quickly send templated or ad hoc communications through any channel (email, SMS or postal mail). Replies are instantly routed back to the same agent, even via SMS.

FLG tracks failed, delivered, opened, clicked and unsubscribed interactions, and can automatically alert agents to problems.

Sales process compliance

Maintain a compliant sales process

Make your sales process consistent and repeatable by all agents, all of the time. All interactions can be controlled and monitored for compliance.

Record interactions

Record interactions quickly

Agents can quickly add call notes, with customisable one-click outcomes that allow the agent to move onto their next call with minimal wrap-up.

Centralise team activity

Centralise activity with Task Stream™

Task Stream™ is a single, prioritised view of outstanding tasks, emails and SMS replies. It helps your agents to remain focused and organised.

Empower team managers

Empower your team managers

Monitor activity in real time and re-distribute tasks to other agents or teams where necessary.

Automate marketing and workflow

Automate marketing and workflow

Automation is at the heart of FLG. Automate key actions such as sending an email or SMS, or prompting the agent to make a call. Trigger actions on key events or send personalised communications at the ideal time in the sales journey.

Win more business at zero cost

Leads can be nurtured for months, even years. So long after your agents have given up on a lead, FLG can carry on converting them for you.

Automation with personalisation

Every interaction with the customer looks the same, automated or not. It helps you to deliver amazing pre-sales service without the expense.

Intelligent agent scripts

Intelligent agent scripting

Guide your agents through each call, with multi-step forms that can prompt the agent and collect data. Use conditional logic to tailor the steps based on the data collected.

Our WYSIWYG editor allows anyone to create or change forms, without any technical knowledge.

Multi-channel marketing included in every edition

Integrated email marketing

Send personalised HTML email to any segment of your data. Track and analyse interaction, and route replies to agents.

Built-in SMS marketing

Send personalised SMS communications to any segment of your leads. Route replies directly to an agent for instant action.

Enterprise level deliverability

We maintain high delivery rates through following email best practices and using high grade SMS routes.

Fine grained access control

Safe guard your data by defining precisely what each agent has access to. Your data is always safe and secure.

Document storage included

Every edition includes unlimited document storage against each lead.

Extend with webhooks & plug-ins

Developers can use the API, webhooks and a 'canvas' accessible through the UI to build business specific applications that extend FLG.

First class support

We believe in solving problems, not just responding to tickets. You need support that delivers. Hear what our customers say.

Custom branding

Add your logo, brand colours and use a custom domain name.

Multi-brand support

FLG supports businesses that trade under multiple brands.