The cloud-based guided selling platform for B2C contact centres

Leading UK B2C contact centres rely on the FLG platform to empower their lead generation and new business teams to win new customers and delight them, even in highly competitive sectors such as finance, insurance, claims & travel.

B2C contact centre software

Extreme velocity, highly automated selling

For B2C contact centres that need to convert a constant flow of sales leads into business, FLG is the right choice.

Software as a service

Access FLG through a web browser and pay for the service monthly, without long-term commitment.

First class support

We believe in solving problems, not just responding to tickets. You need support that delivers. Hear what our customers say.

Made in the UK

We're a UK business serving only UK-based customers.

In business since 2007

FLG is now a feature-rich, stable and battle-tested platform.

Affordable and accessible

Although some of the UK's biggest companies rely on FLG, affordable monthly subscriptions make it accessible to all.

Use alongside a dialler

Push leads to your dialler at any point in the sales journey. We support several popular diallers out of the box.

Reliable and secure

FLG is safe and secure. Data is expensive to acquire and should be considered a closely guarded asset.

Some of the businesses who rely on us:
Fred Olsen
Gladstone Brookes
TFS Loans
Credit Car Sales
Cavendish Equity Release
  • FLG have been very helpful and it's been refreshing to find a software house that are so flexible in their approach. Having control over the process and flow of leads, ensures that the right people get them straight away - this certainly helps aid conversion
  • Having a friendly, dedicated account manager with excellent product knowledge and willingness to help made the project run very smoothly.

    Fred Olsen Travel
  • FLG have revolutionised our lead system by providing a more efficient and user-friendly solution. The extensive range of functions has helped us to increase our contact rate substantially. Their friendly staff are polite and always on hand to offer support and implementation of new ideas.

    Gladstone Brookes
  • FLG has made capturing and managing data easy with excellent web tools and easily managed workflows which has greatly improved our sales process. FLG also provided fantastic support which allowed us to expand our business quickly and efficiently.

    TFS Loans
  • FLG quickly captures, updates and distributes leads to different locations while handling communication and decisions on our applications.